Kyrie Irving Has Reportedly Been A "Driving Force" Over The Concerns About The NBA's Bubble Plan

This whole situation is getting more and more complicated by the hour it seems. It really sounds like the NBPA really didn't gauge the interest in returning from as many players as it could and really just focused on the team reps. From what I can tell it was the team reps that voted to proceed with this bubble idea not the 450 players or whatever. Something that seemed like it was a done deal is looking like anything but as time goes by. Granted there's still a ton of time to figure everything out, but I wouldn't say you were crazy if you were starting to have your doubts.

But this tweet from Howard Beck is pretty interesting. As we know, Kyrie isn't even playing in Orlando. He probably won't even be there. It's more likely in my opinion that he is using his status in the league to speak up for some other players that may have concerns but are afraid to say anything. It is a little weird that the only player we're hearing about leading this charge is Kyrie though. You know he's not the only one so that's not exactly fair. I can despite the guy for quitting in that Bucks series last year but this feels like something he's going to be unfairly dragged for on the internet. Howard Beck is about as connected as you can be so I don't doubt this is true, but it's definitely not the whole story in my opinion. 

I do have to admit though, it's not all that surprising to hear. Shit, Game of Zones basically predicted this exact scenario. 

I just know this. Kyrie Irving has already ruined a playoffs for me once before which was more than enough. I didn't exactly think he would potentially do it again playing for a different team while also being shut down due to injury. That was certainly an unexpected twist that I do not particularly care for. 

Now I want to know what other players are leading this charge. If someone like Kyrie is involved and he isn't even playing, you know there are some other star level players that feel the same way.