Luis Castillo's Dropped Pop Up Will Never Get Old

I'm not usually one for random sports anniversaries. ESPN loves to remind us of the dumbest shit possible that happened 7 years ago, but Luis Castillo's walk off dropped pop up is something I will truly never get tired of watching. 11 years to the day of one of the more hilarious sports moments of my life. A moment that perfectly sums up what a dumpster fire of an organization they have been and will continue to be. The screen shot of K-Rod pointing to the sky and A-Rod slamming his bat on the ground is incredible. That moment frozen in time is when Mets fans thought they had won. The game was over. 

Screen Shot 2020-06-12 at 1.35.05 PM.png

That was until Castillo back peddled and tried to catch the ball with one hand. Tex never stopped running and raced home to score the winning run. A-Rod didn't even know how to celebrate. It was all too perfect. 

I remember being in my buddy's basement watching with a bunch of Mets fans and just crying laughter. The silence in the room from everyone else but me was music to my ears. The life leaving the bodies of every Mets fan right there is something you cannot recreate. Just when you think they can't fuck up anymore, this happens. God I love those sewer rats. Stuff like this is why I can never take them seriously. Tommy and Frankie always say they hate the Mets more than the Red Sox and I will never understand that. Never. How can you say that? How can you hate a team that's never really caused you any pain? No matter how you explain it to me, it'll always be the Sox. 

Here's to the baseball season starting up so when can hopefully get a moment like this or a player batting out of order from the Metropolitans.