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Cambodian Man Caught With Live Land Mines On His Property - Describes Them As Yard Decorations

Authorities in northwestern Cambodia have scolded a man for his lawn decorations -- old land mines and other abandoned ordnance still containing live explosives, an official said Friday. About 30 unexploded munitions were hung from a tamarind tree and scattered around the man’s yard, said Khen Srieng, an official from the Cambodian Mines Action Center, the government agency that oversees mine clearance.

Khen Srieng, who went to the man’s home on Wednesday to collect the munitions for destruction, said they were left over from three decades of civil war that ended in the 1990s and that most of the mines were still active and dangerous.

Every man wants one thing when they're older: to keep people off their lawn. I don't actually know if that's true, but based on various movies I tend to get that feeling. Seems this Cambodian man thought the best way to accomplish that was to plant LIVE LAND MINES all across his yard. Listen it's a little aggressive, but maybe it prevents a few explosive arguments down the road? Make one wrong step and BOOM, off goes your leg. That'll show em! Classic neighborly behavior. 

This dude had gathered land mines over the years from random fields to sell as scrap. Then the government passed a law that banned the sale of them, leaving this fella in quite a bind. How do you get rid of live land mines? Well in Cambodia I guess you just hope people step on them. 

The man, whose name was not released, told Khen Srieng that after the government banned the sale and purchase of land mines and other unexploded ordnance, he didn’t know what to do with them.

So what was the police action after finding all of these mini bombs? 

Authorities in northwestern Cambodia have scolded a man for his lawn decorations

They SCOLDED the man. Just some yelling because you can't plant land mines around your house. Fucking Cambodia. Feel like you to go to federal prison for years in America if you're caught with live land mines chilling around your home. There you just get a tongue lashing like you stayed out past your curfew. What a world.