Based On This Sabermetric Stat, It's A Miracle Rickie Fowler Made It Through Quarantine

I was watching the coverage earlier today when I saw this and absolutely lost it laughing. I'll give them credit though, they are trying to find ways to put up stats and shit during the first tournament back. Not like they can talk about how guys have played in recent weeks, you just keep hearing how Justin Thomas won multiple times on tour this season. 

But this? These are the stats I need. Honestly kind of needed to know this before making any bets or my fantasy picks for the week. I need to know that Rickie was locked up in his house for 3 weeks for the first time in 11 years. Feel like that makes more sense to his slow start in round 1 and why he's fighting to make the cut now as I blog this. He's out here playing with his pals Spieth and Thomas - he's gonna let off a little steam that first day out. Granted, being locked up with Allison Stokke doesn't sound horrible

That said, the weirdest yet most awesome thing about this tournament was hearing Jim Nantz drop a 'hello friends' right to my ears on a Thursday. Nantz doesn't call Thursday at the Charles Schwab (can we just call it the Colonial?). But hearing those two words just made me smile. Nantz might have the most big game voice out there and it felt good to care about something again. 

But back to Rickie, I'm such a Rickie fan. Need him to win a major here soon. Can't have him sitting on zero majors a decade from now. Also just love watching him putt. Just drill it back of the cup and take a break out of it. Such a smooth looking putting stroke too. The funniest thing though was during the Thursday round the PGA had random celebrities introducing players and of course Shooter McGavin introduced Rickie.