There Was A Dumpster Fire In CHAZ, So The World's Newest Country Called The Seattle Fire Department

A dumpster fire is a perfect metaphor for our world's newest country, CHAZ. If you haven't heard, there is an "autonomous zone" located in Seattle, Washington on Capitol Hill. They are calling it CHAZ (Capital Hill Autonomous Zone). Here is a great explanation of CHAZ: 

Protesters in Seattle have been camped out this week in an enclave called the “CHAZ” — where there’s a smoking section, room for political discourse and free food, if you can find it.

Short for the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone,” the “CHAZ” is located outside the Seattle Police Department’s now-deserted East Precinct at 12th Avenue and East Pine Street in the hip, bar-friendly neighborhood. The department’s sign was painted over to read “Seattle People Department.”

“From what I’ve gathered, we’re trying to take our community back so we can live without a massive police force patrolling the streets,” Michael Taylor told the Seattle Times.

Last night was another electric night in CHAZ. Just so we are clear on the definition of what an autonomous zone is:

a community that is autonomous from the generally recognized state or authority structure in which it is embedded. Autonomous zones are not controlled by any government (as recognized by other governments) or by any religious authority.

Being separated from the government, CHAZ would never call, say, the fire department…right?


Ahhhhhhh. Isn't that ironic!

It turns out that creating a whole new society is incredibly difficult, even when it's created inside a city that was previously created and maintained by the economic system that you hate so much. 

(Side note: Julio Rosas is live in Seattle covering CHAZ via his Twitter if you want to keep up with all things CHAZ)

Food is free inside CHAZ.

They have started a garden with the hopes of helping feed their community in the future. 

No word yet if the UN is recognizing CHAZ as a country. I gotta say, the name CHAZ is sick. You could make some sick merch with the term CHAZ. I know these people don't do the whole concept of money, but merch is technically art…right? Maybe they'll release a sick line of merch.