Reader Email - Mark Davis Drives A Van With The License Plate "R8HERS"

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Big Cat- 

See attached picture- I was driving through Walnut Creek,CA a few days ago when I spotted the unmistakable bowl haircut. Your boy Mark Davis leaving PF Changs after his daily visit for lunch. He pays the valet attendant and hops in this wagon. 
Can this guy get any better?
The answer is no, a resounding no, it can not get any better than this. Mark Davis is the people’s owner. Flies Southwest, hangs  out at Strip Clubs, business lunches at Hooters, and now this, a license plate on his Dodge Caravan that says R8HERS. He is my favorite owner in Sports and it’s not even close. Now if only he could actually put together a football team, then we’d be cooking with Gas. Pile in the Caravan boys and girls, next stop 5-11.
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Stoolie Joe wasn’t kidding when he said PF Chang’s is Mark’s daily spot. From a story in the San Jose Mercury last month
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