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Man Builds Saloon For Squirrels And Honestly, I'm A Little Jealous

I remember when I was a little girl and my grandma sent me a surprise box of gifts. Inside was an entire house and furnishings, all crocheted by my Grams for my Barbies to live in. I mean, she made an oven, little utensils, ketchup and mustard bottles, a refrigerator, a bed, a BEDSPREAD, an armoire (as if I would know what that was at the time), shower, and on and on. Even though I didn't really care for Barbies, I always appreciated that level of craftsmanship. None of this little Toys R Us (no disrespect to Toys R Us and RIP) fake plastic shit you buy in a box made in China... Nope. Hours and hours of countless crocheting, all for me and my little dolls. 

That life experience is really what makes me appreciate a recent story I saw on CBC. As we know by now, 3 months of quarantine has been getting to everyone in a variety of ways. Some people are gaining weight (see Brandon Walker), some are losing weight (shout out to Big Ev), and others are venturing into new lines of business. 

With the plethora of time David Hunchak, a 15-year resident of Saskatoon, Canada had on his hands, he decided to open a saloon for some of the thirsty neighbor friends he's cultivated a relationship with over his time living in the community. 

And by neighbor friends, I don't mean people, I mean his squirrel homies living on his property. 


Giphy Images.

According to the story, Kunchak had a bunch of different types of squirrels living in his backyard, and developed a closer bond with a particular breed-- Franklin ground squirrels. 

"They are so inquisitive and they just jump into my lap looking for peanuts," Hunchak said.

So last year he went to work in his woodshop and made them a couple of barstools to sit on. When COVID hit, he thought, presumably, "my friends need a place to socially distance and get their drink on", so he went to work and built out what is now called the One Star Saloon.  

The saloon is two levels and is equipped with swinging doors, a bar, barstools, tables and chairs, mini wine bottles, and of course, this ever proper saloon a little piano. 

"I started building it early into the pandemic and I put in probably about 100 hours," Hunchak said.

MY LORD. 100 hours!! 

Hunchak said it only took 15 minutes for his first squirrel to arrive, but the visit didn't go as planned. He wanted to create "the kind of place where you can just throw your peanut shells on the floor," but his first few customers grabbed the shelled peanuts and ran off.

"Then I put down peanut butter and they would stay in place long enough for me to take a picture," he said.

It just so happened that the opening of the One Star Saloon coincided with Phase 3 of the province's opening plan as well so the squirrels and the Hunchaks got to get their drink on at the same time as their furry friends. 

Ah, Phase 3. Two words that seem unimaginable given that it's only been three days since NYC got into Phase 1. At this rate, I'll see autumn leaves before the inside of a restaurant or a yoga studio. 

I'd even settle for moseying up to the bar with a couple of Franklin squirrels at this point.