Apparently Rick Carlisle Has Warned Every Coach How Terrible The Bulls - Somehow NOT The Knicks - Treat Coaches

[Source] - There is a perception problem, and when you come from the outside – like Arturas did and Marc Eversley have – you know what that perception problem is. Carlisle, the Dallas coach, has made it very clear the disdain the coaches association and a lot of coaches have for the Bulls and the practices they have toward coaches. The way they’ve treated them as commodities for more than three, four decades, the way they’ve fired guys on Christmas Eve. So, there is a perception problem that I think these guys want to change coming in now to this that the old regime didn’t care about nor did they maybe even see fully.

I have no idea how this isn't about the Knicks. If you had a dysfunctional front office and a story about one of the most respected coaches in the league warning coaches about your organization the Knicks were like -500 on the board. But this isn't great for the Bulls! Not exactly what you want when you have Jim Boylen as your current head coach, who very well might be the worst coach in the league. Feel like this might, MIGHT, hinder your coaching search. 

Granted this isn't shocking because coaches love backing coaches. They'll always claim a coach had a raw deal when someone gets fired or that a coach doesn't deserve to get fired. It's a true fraternity like you hear about. The difference here though is Jerry Reinsdorf. The real story and what should have been addressed even more in The Last Dance is how the front office of Reinsdorf and Krause fucked the entire franchise while winning championships. I don't think we'll ever see something like that again.

I honestly have no idea how you can keep Boylen. You have a new front office, go get your new coach. Don't deal with shit like this