BREAKING: Matt James Is The Next Bachelor


There's a lot here but first I wanna say that this is awesome. Matt James is, by all accounts, an awesome guy and will be an awesome Bachelor. The move to cast Matt as the next Bachelor is unprecedented in a couple of ways. One, he's the first black Bachelor ever (we'll get to this) and two, he's never even been on a Bachelor Universe show before! Matt James was supposed to be a contestant on Clare Crawley's upcoming season of The Bachelorette but the season obviously got delayed and hasn't even been filmed yet. Clare and Matt had their own dust up after Clare got pissed that Matt was doing interviews and creating a Cameo account. That now looks like an all time backfire from Clare because many people are gonna be more excited about Matt's season of The Bachelor than her season of The Bachelorette. Whoops.

Now obviously Matt James isn't a complete unknown because he's best pals with the one and only Tyler Cameron. They've been quarantining together this whole time making Tik Toks and are seemingly never apart so, if you are a follower of the Bachelor Cinematic Universe whatsoever, you know who Matt James is.

Secondly, Matt James will be the first black Bachelor in the history of the franchise. Pretty crazy to say in 2020 and the timing of this announcement is clearly not an accident. Due to the horrific events that happened recently and how spotlights have been getting shown on racism in every walk of life, petitions have been popping up all over the internet about The Bachelor franchise's GLARING lack of diversity. In the 40 years of the show there's only been ONE black lead and that was Rachel Lindsay. Every other lead has been as white as the driven snow so something had to be done. ABC and The Bachelor were clearly taking heavy backlash for not having more black leads so this move was made and it's the right move.

With all of that said, Matt James was already a heavy front runner to be the next Bachelor. That's just a fact. Rumors about him being the next Bachelor have been swirling since he started appearing on instagram and Tik Tok with Tyler C. People were looking at Matt James going on Clare's season as simply a formality and way to introduce him to the BCU. He's so likable and has the Tyler C connection that there was a good chance Matt James was going to be the next Bachelor anyway but things have just been sped up.

I've met Matt James before. He and Tyler C came into Barstool HQ to watch my debut as the Luggage Guy 

I remember him being very supportive and excited about my Luggage Guy debut soI'm very excited that Matt James is the next Bachelor whenever the season happens. Who the hell knows when that's gonna be.