Friday Debate Time: If You Could Only Play One Drinking Game For The Rest Of Your Life, Which One Are You Picking?

Basic and to the point question. Well I should say we'll change a bit from the Instagram because we're not getting dark on a Friday. We're going with what's the best drinking game out there. And sure you can say just drinking is the best drinking game, I won't argue that, but we're all competitive. Also just an egregious spelling of beer dye on the post - it's beer die. 

I'm a basic man, I don't like too much craziness with my drinking games, so here's my top-5: 

5. Flip Cup

4. Civil War

3. Baseball

2. Pong

1. Beer Die

That's it, that's the list. I'll listen to Civil War over baseball but it's a clear top-4 for me. Partner games that move fast and are competitive. That's the key to a good drinking game. You don't want to hold a party up by getting stuck on a table. You can't have a true anti-social long game like caps. Caps is a great you're sitting around on a Tuesday night game. 

But I'm going Beer Die over Pong for the simple fact that you get to feel like an athlete during it still. You make a great over the shoulder snag on a bounce? A+ feeling no matter your age. Pong you just get the sinking of a cup which is an unreal feeling for sure. But Beer Die you get both offense and defense. I don't want to hear smacking away a bounce on Pong, not even close to the same as laying out for a beer die catch. 

Dead last on this list? Edward 40 Hands. I'm someone who is addicted to my phone and just prefer to have my hands available at all times. Easily the worst answer on this list. So what do you have?