Daniel Jones Has Organized Workouts With 15-20 Teammates Down In Texas Because COVID-19 Ain't Got Shit On Danny Dimes

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 NY Post-  Daniel Jones has succeeded in getting his Giants teammates to follow his lead – a huge step in the development of a young quarterback who turned 23 two weeks ago. Jones, entering his second NFL season, organized an off-site throwing and catching program with his skill players – ones scattered across the country, forced to stay out of the Giants facility amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Last week and again this week, Jones brought the group together in Austin, Texas, The Post has learned. The arrangements were helped along by Colt McCoy, the former University of Texas quarterback, who signed this season with the Giants and has strong connections to his alma mater.

Wide receivers Sterling Shepard and Darius Slayton and tight end Kaden Smith were among what was described as “a pretty good group of guys” in attendance during the two weeks of sessions, which included plenty of football and also a fair amount of golf. This was a come-as-you-go deal, with as many as 15-20 players participating at various points in time. Based on social media posts, receivers Golden Tate and Corey Coleman, star running back Saquon Barkley and Jon Hilliman made their way to Austin as well.

Running the routes designed by new offensive coordinator Jason Garrett, discussing the concepts in the passing game, together, on the field, and having Jones get in sync with his targets are all necessary steps that Jones made sure he and his teammates would be able to take during this unusual offseason.

Go DJ! That's my DJ! Oh you thought a little global pandemic was going to keep Daniel Jones from taking the next step to football immortality? As another Jersey legend once said:

Truth be told, I was a tiiiiiiiiny bit worried that my little lamb Daniel would be entering his 2nd season in a completely new offense with very limited work with teammates that never seemed to all be on the football field at the same time last year. But Daniel Jones did what QB1s do, which is overcome obstacles as a leader of men (h/t to QB2 Colt McCoy for putting things together and h/t to Daniel Snyder for allowing a guy like that to become our backup). 

As any fan, gambler, or fantasy football player will tell you, trying to figure out what the fuck is going to happen during any NFL season is impossible. But I truly believe that the Giants have found their next Eli Manning based on what I saw in last season's games, the story above, and this little story:

Not to mention this report:

Did Daniel Jones add those 9 pounds of definite muscle to his brain, dick, hands (to prevent fumbles) or evenly distribute it between all three of those body parts? I'm not sure. What I do know is that the Danwagon is ready to roll once again with an offensive coordinator that turned an undrafted free agent and a 4th round pick into Pro Bowler QBs.


You can clown Garrett all you want for his head coaching and Lord knows I have. But I have a hard time believing Tony Romo and Dak Prescott became the quarterbacks they did without the help of their head coach that just so happened to play the position for more than a decade in the NFL