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Grizzly Bear Vs. Bison In A Fight To The Death At Yellowstone - Who Ya Got?

The world is so starved for competition these days, I think most of us would have gladly settled for a quick fight between two heavyweight mammals that ended in some grab assing before each went their separate ways. To get a legitimate deathmatch between two titans of the animal kingdom at Yellowstone, which is essentially The Mecca of animal fights in America, was such a glorious treat from Mother Nature with this Mike Daus fella taking it to another level by editing it into a concise package with music and a fucking Star Wars text crawl.

As for the actual fight, there really isn't much to be said that hasn't already been said about pretty much every game from the 85 Bears season. The bison may have started the fight but the bear quickly took control, took the lead, and clearly was in control all the way until he took a life. The only chance the bison had of a W after the first round or so was it going to the cards of boxing judges, who likely would have had no problem declaring a draw once the bison's bribe money cleared direct deposit. Since I live in the sticks, I occasionally like to brush up on bear knowledge Dwight Schrute style so I know which bears I should be scared of and which I should be REALLY scared of. However, the one bear I always know not to fuck with is the grizzly thanks to the John Candy cult classic The Great Outdoors.

Despite my #RE2PECT for grizzlies, I don't think I will be betting on a bison in a brouhaha anytime soon. All-time bark no bite animal in my humble opinion.

While we are here, I would be remiss not to include this video that I saw on my timeline while I was blogging this. Can't wait to see what that sick fuck YP has in store for us next season on Barstool Outdoors.