Before I Die, I Just Want To Cook One Whole Hog With Malcom Reed

Honestly I'd be pretty content with just drinking beers for a few hours with Malcom Reed. But if we get to cook up a whole hog for 24 in the process, then yes, that would be the greatest day of my life. 

That voice alone is enough to put me in a great mood. You don't even need to see what you're about to eat, as soon as you hear that voice you know it's going to be delicious. And as soon as he took that first bite of the belly, you knew it was on. 


And let me tell you right now--there's not a better way to honor this pig's life than to do exactly what these fellas did right here. That hog turned into an absolute smoke show. They put at least 24 hours into that bad boy. All the effort and detail to get that skin right. That takes some serious tender love and care. They didn't just have a pig slaughtered to turn it into some shit you'd order at a fast food restaurant. They turned that hog into a piece of art. 

There are so many ways that you can spend 24 hours on this planet. Drinking some beer and cooking up a hog like this with Malcom Reed seems like it would be a better use of that time as almost anything. A fella can dream.