Let Me Be Loud And Clear About This Stupid Rumor - Coach Cal Is Not Leaving To Coach The Knicks, So Stop Asking

[SNY] - The New York Post reported on Sunday that Kentucky coach John Calipari would be the favorite for the job if he had interest. But Calipari said publicly in March that he wouldn't coach the Knicks. He's reiterated that message to others more recently. With interviews expected to take place this week, it seems like you can cross Calipari off of the list.

I can't believe I have to write this again, but here we are. The rumor that won't die no matter what. Coach Cal is the favorite to be the job if he had interest. Hey, New York Post, reporters and anyone who will listen to me, Coach Cal ain't leaving. He's not going to join the Knicks. He's not even a candidate, he's made it clear. Why are we still having this conversation? 

This has been the case since FEBRUARY when the rumor started

It took him less than 1 day to shut down that rumor. He said immediately he had no interest in being the Knicks coach despite his buddy Leon Rose moving to the front office. He said he'd happily be a resource. 

That's exactly what I want as a Kentucky/Knicks fan. Why would he leave Kentucky? I can't stress this enough. James Dolan fucking sucks. He's the worst of the worst. You want to go work for that instead of being a King? He can do whatever he wants. He has a home there. He's the PERFECT fit for the Commonwealth. The job is different than most. You have to deal with the fanbase. You have to handle everything that comes with it. Lexington is a small city and Kentucky is a small state. You are the show of the state.

I just don't understand how this continues to be a rumor. It's not happening. Personally I'd prefer to get a new face as a coach of the Knicks over Thibs, but whatever. It's going to be Thibs. It just sucks that we don't get to see Clem do Karl-Anthony Towns photoshops because Thibs is going to be there. Also just mentally preparing to see RJ Barrett play 40 minutes a game.