Minor League Baseball Team Names, Ranked

The other day, I put out my list of the 10 best baseball movies of all-time and it was so entertaining to engage in vigorous debate over something which could not possibly matter less with my co-workers and internet strangers. It made me realize how fun lists are.

Then today, I mentioned the Binghamton Rumble Ponies in a blog and it got me thinking about the best team names in Minor League Baseball. And I got the itch to list again. So let's ride.

1. Rocket City Trash Pandas

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Possibly my biggest gripe with the 2020 MiLB season being taken away is the loss of the debut season of the Angels' new AA team, the Rocket City Trash Pandas. Located just outside Huntsville, Alabama, the tie-in with NASA gives this team has the best name and logo in Minor League Baseball. Everybody involved nailed this one.

2. Amarillo Sod Poodles

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The top two spots both took animals and creatively re-named them to make something more fun and pertaining to their area.

Tired: prairie dogs. Wired: sod poodles.

3. Florida Fire Frogs

The Fire Frogs' primary logo was the best in Minor League Baseball until the Trash pandas unseated it this year. It's still a great name and logo. There's nothing wrong with bronze.

4. Rocky Mountain Vibes



I have yet to see what the Trash Pandas' mascot looks like, but it has some stiff competition from Toasty from the Rocky Mountain Vibes for the top spot. Toasty definitely passes the vibe check and is the sole reason this rookie ball team is this high, or even on the list at all.

5. Montgomery Biscuits

There's no way you can create a list of MiLB team names that does not include the Montgomery Biscuits. Shoutout to the state of Alabama for nabbing two of the top five spots on this list.

Also, that commercial made me feel like I need to call my dad.

6. Binghamton Rumble Ponies

The aforementioned Rumble Ponies have a solid name and logo. They also have Tim Tebow. My only criticism is that there needs to be carousel music playing when someone is rounding the bases after a homer. That should be a given.

7. Augusta GreenJackets


I'm big on names with local tie-ins and there is nothing more local to Augusta than the green jacket. So you take that, make a play on Yellow Jackets — another Georgia connection — and you've got your name. Solid stuff.

8. Hartford Yard Goats

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Everybody loved this one when it came out a few years ago, and it's fine. There have been better names since, but it does the trick.

9. Fort Wayne Tin Caps

I have no idea why this team's name and logo is an apple with a tin hat, but it's enjoyable nonetheless. Sometimes it's better to not question things and just enjoy them.

10. Winston-Salem Dash


I like the Dash team name due to its local tie-in, which I've mentioned previously always plays. But I wanted to put this team in here because Winston-Salem does not have a dash, it has a hyphen. I can't decide if I'd rather people have known this and not cared or not have known at all.