Is Antonio Rudiger The Best Agent In Soccer???


Chelsea fans are excited at the prospect of landing Bayer Leverkusen midfielder Kai Havertz this summer. 

The Blues have shown interest in the 21-year-old and have reportedly been in contact with the Bundesliga side regarding a possible transfer. 

Frank Lampard's side are closing in on the signing of RB Leipzig's Timo Werner but they are also interested in bringing another German to Stamford Bridge. 

Defender Antonio Rudiger played a 'big part' in convincing Werner to join as per SportBild and now supporters are hoping he can do the same with Havertz. 

We could sit here and list fantastic agents in soccer for hours. After all, there is someone out there making sure that Mesut Özil is still cashing in that £350,000 every week from Arsenal despite being pretty woeful on the pitch in recent years. The man has 18 starts in the Premier League with only two assists. Fantastic numbers for your number 10 but we aren't here to talk about lowly Arsenal. 

No. We're here to talk about the mighty Chelsea. More specifically, super-agent Ari Gold Antonio Rudiger and his supreme ability to lure his German friends to the Bridge. Sure, one could look at all of this and just say people are coming to Chelsea because Ambrovich is willing to write checks like it's nobody's business but it's much more than that. 

Reports have been coming out that Rudiger played a 'key role' in swaying Timo Werner to come to Stamford Bridge by giving his fellow countryman lovely reviews of West London and Chelsea itself. Now we have Rudiger wishing current Chelsea transfer target Kai Havertz a happy birthday on twitter.

"But Ethan, what does wishing an international teammate a happy birthday have anything to do with the transfer window?"

I'm glad you asked that, Ethan. 

It's obviously interesting because of the clear connection between Chelsea and Havertz in the transfer window. However, the most interesting part is that Rudiger hasn't wished anyone a happy birthday on Twitter since 2018 when he sent his wishes to Alvaro Morata. That's not a coinkydink folks. That's a blatant attempt to lure Havertz to Chelsea with kindness and welcome arms if you ask me. 

remember when we spent a gazillion dollars to bring Morata to Chelsea? Lmao. 

Havertz would do absolute bits at Chelsea. He'll probably be very successful wherever he goes if he leaves Leverkusen. He's a tremendous footballer AND he's only 21 so it's only a matter of time before he gets snatched up by a much bigger club. 

Havertz is also tremendously versatile and can play wherever on the field, something that Chelsea will need once all of the expiring contracts leave on free transfers this summer. He'd also add another bit of completion for the younger guys like Mount and Pulisic who I feel need something to motivate them to play well and keep their spot in the XI. 

If Havertz ends up at Chelsea there is zero doubt in my mind that we become instant title contenders for every single competition. What an absolute shame that would be. Should Kai Havertz actually end up at Chelsea, we have no one to thank other than our very own Antonio Rudiger. I'd give that man an extension yesterday if it was up to me.