NHL (Training Camp) Is Back July 10!

Giphy Images.

Four weeks from tomorrow, there will be NHL teams back on the ice getting ready for the 2020 Covid Cup Stanley Cup Playoffs. If we're left to assume training camp will be three weeks or so, that puts the play-in round of the NHL's re-start right on time with the NBA's re-start date of July 31.

It's so close, yet so far away. I can't wait to have sports back. I've forgotten what the daily ups and downs even feel like. I'm thankful we found some way to get a Stanley Cup awarded this season, even if its under unique circumstances. Now the main detail left to be sorted out is the two host cities where the Eastern and Western Conferences will play their respective playoff series, but I'm guessing the NHL already has that in mind, too, and just hasn't announced it yet.

I can't even imagine how unbelievably awesome September is going to be with the Stanley Cup Playoffs, NBA Playoffs, NFL, college football and maybe even baseball if they ever get their shit together. I never want to do this again, but we might just get a month or two that gives us all we've missed from a sports perspective.

I'm just so excited. Give me hockey and let's get back to work.