Recommended: KISS - Black Diamond (Live On The Midnight Special 1975)

Today on 'Recommended:', I'm bringing you KISS at the height of their powers, performing 'Black Diamond' (the best song in their entire catalogue in my opinion) on The Midnight Special in 1975. This track is sung mostly by drummer Peter Criss, and something about his scratchy Rod Stewart-style voice just works so perfectly. He sounds particularly on point here, and I loved seein him trash his kit at the end! Even just seeing how shaky that drum riser was made me chuckle. 

In my eyes, this is the perfect video to show any KISS h8rs out there (of which there are many) who talk shit about their talent or musicianship or any of that stupid stuff, because if you could watch that performance and tell me it didn't fuck massively, you're either a liar or you're hearing impaired. That is just objectively as rock n' roll and amazing as it possibly gets.