Bring In The Dancing 60 Lobsters! Coach Duggs Makes Statement in Blowout Win Over Missouri

24 hours ago, Coach Gus Duggerton's 2018 campaign with Tennessee was all but done after suffering a last-second defeat at home to the Florida Gators.

Fast forward to tonight, Coach Gus Duggerton's 2018 campaign with Tennessee is not only alive, but alive and well. Extremely well. 

The Volunteers put up their most impressive performance of the fast-paced season this evening, in a 60-17 win over the Missouri Tigers at Neyland Stadium.

Things fell in Tennessee's advantage from the start of this one. Literally. For Jazz Owens, it was time to go home.

In terms of veteran Volunteers, we've heard the names Rico Burgerton and Pua Stubbs a lot. But another guy who has flown relatively under the radar before tonight? No. 3 WR Vincent Moltisanti.

Duggs Nation, meet Vinny.

Vinny, meet Duggs Nation.

Another breakout star who really made his way into the spotlight is Muj Fricke, who is the best video game player at all of Barstool. 

In addition to kicking ass in Call of Duty and being a part of the Barstool HooliganZ squad, he has really helped out Coach Duggs with some of the X's and O's of being a Head Football Coach.

Muj hopped on the phone with Coach Duggs for a little halftime adjustment on the defensive side, and let's just say it paid off quite well...

Remember when Jazz Owens opened the game up with a 101-yard return to the house? That should have served as a warning not to give the man open space. Missouri learned that the hard way.

With the game out of hand, there was only one thing left to do in this one... unleash the 50 BURGER!

Just kidding. Add one more thing to that list... the first ever 60 LOBSTER!!!

Tomorrow night, the schedule beefs back up with another doubleheader starting at 8 PM. It's South Carolina and Alabama back-to-back to set the tone before Coach Duggs takes two well-deserved days off. Watch with us right here.