Porto Soccer Fans Aren't Allowed In The Stands So They Snuck Onto The Damn Roof Of Their Stadium To Set Off Flares And Watch A Match

Yeah, sure, this isn't surprising at all. This is just European soccer fans being European soccer fans. Good luck telling them they can't watch their favorite club. Good luck telling them they can't set off flares. It's soccer season, which means it's flares season. I just love them sitting up there like Sting waiting for a goal to lose their shit. Really wish they dropped into the stadium seats to celebrate: 

Not to mention Porto is in a damn title race. They are leading the Portuguese league by two points over Benfica. Yep, the same Benfica who had their own fans attack their bus

I love this move. They were going to watch the game together anyways, might as well find a way to sneak up on the roof. But that's where my question starts. How did they get up there, because this is all I'm thinking: 

Just dedicated fans ready to celebrate a win. You don't want them on the roof, get better security for the stadium. That's really on Porto's stadium if you ask me. Nothing beats the craziness of European soccer fans. Nothing.