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Louis C.K. Tells Jimmy Fallon How He Personally Kept Him Off A Show In The 90's

Best part about this is that Louie’s story is definitely 100% true, and Fallon is definitely 100% surprised about it. Like he had no idea Louis CK singlehandedly torpedoed his career in the 90’s. Had no idea how playing the guitar and singing to a bunch of troll dolls while shaking his ass didn’t land him what (at the time) was a coveted role on the Dana Carvey show. Lived the past 2 decades wondering just where he went wrong in that audition, what he could have done differently, if maybe he should have sang songs to trolls. Turned out it was just Louis CK hating Fallon’s stupid face. Brutal.

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 10.05.27 AM

Don’t care how successful you get, finding out a guy threatened to quit if you got hired to his show is a blow to the confidence any day.