Bubba Wallace Wants The Confederate Flag Ban From NASCAR Events, Will Be Driving A BLM-Themed Car For Tonight's Race

If you ranked every single Barstool Sports employee, I'd probably be in the top 5 of the most conservative. I don't think I'm #1, but I'm close. That being said....I just don't get the continued obsession with the confederate flag at sporting events. What's the argument for it? That banning a flag is a slippery slope? Or that you are getting rid of history? I'm not asking for every single Confederate flag to be burned. Put them in a museum. Yeah, yeah, yeah, you're going to tell me this is like Orwell's 1984! I read that in high school too. It's not like NASCAR is going to start burning books. It's a damn sport y'all. 

Anyways, yeah, NASCAR should just ban it. As Bubba said, "get them out of here." You may think it won't have a big effect, but 20% of NASCAR fans are minorities according to this report. Hand up, I didn't think it was that high. Getting rid of the confederate flag may even raise that number higher. 

Bubba Wallace may not be the best driver on the Cup Series, but I applaud him for speaking up. Same goes for him repping the BLM car tonight: