Hue Jackson Promises His Book Detailing His Time In Cleveland With Baker Mayfield Will Be A Best Seller

Well, Hue Jackson also told us to trust him on DeShone Kizer and Cody Kessler, so I'm not saying his word his exactly gold here. I mean, the once proclaimed "quarterback whisper" went 3-36-1 in Cleveland, and he cut Brock Osweiler from being the 3rd string quarterback on an 0-16 team, only to watch him go down to Miami a year later and throw for 380 yards and win a game for the Dolphins. I'm not saying Brock Osweiler was Tom Brady or anything, but we won zero games that year. He went to the Dolphins (while we paid him $12 million to not play for us the year before) and tied Hue's two season win total in Cleveland. Point being, the dude has never been considered the sharpest tool in the shed. And in my book, he's quite possibly the dumbest in a longgggggg line of morons to work in the Browns organization. Only reason why I can't say that he hands down takes the cake is because we followed him up with Freddie Kitchens, who has also proven to be a certified idiot. 

Anyways, so Hue is releasing a book next year. Guarantees it's going to be a best seller. I actually do believe him on this one, and I'm surprised he's the first person to do it. The first thing I'd do after getting fired (but still collecting millions of dollars) from a clown show like the Browns would be to write a tell-all story. I'm sure Hue can tell stories that haven't found their way to the media that will make Clevelanders jaws drop. The shear ineptness from that organization has never ceased to suprise me. Remember when Condoleezza Rice was rumored to be our next head coach? Remember when we traded for AJ McCarron but forgot to turn in the news to the league office before the deadline? I'm sure Hue is full of those stories. I'm certainly going to read the book.

But it seems like his #1 juicy stories won't be coming from the front office, but rather from his time with Baker Mayfield.

There's no doubt they hate each other. But "attack me"? What does this mean, Hue? I know Baker held his grudge and was over-the-top when the Browns beat the Bengals....but is there more that we don't know? Hue definitely isn't keeping quiet about his feelings for Baker on his media tour...

Oh boy. What a pickle Baker Mayfield is in right now. He has publicly mentioned no less than three times that he will NOT be talking anymore. He is just going to walk the walk. No more feuds, just football. But THIS? This is right up Baker's alley. It calls for action. This is textbook don't shake with Kansas. And then grab your crouch on the sideline and taunt them mercilessly. This is making a foot fetish joke on the set with Rex Ryan. This is planting a flag at Ohio State. This is telling Baylor that daddy is going to have to spank them. The list goes on and on and on. If he has a list of media members that doubt him, he certainly has a list that has Hue Jackson at the very top of it. Can Baker keep quiet and not respond to this? Maybe right now. Maybe. But definitely not when this book comes out.