Blaze Jordan Is Officially My #1 Prospect In This Year's MLB Draft

People will tell you the NFL and NBA Drafts are "inexact" sciences. Which is a nice way of saying people are dumb and make bad decisions frequently. The MLB Draft is truly an inexact science. Nobody knows what the hell is going on over there. The hit to bust rate at the top of the first round is unfathomably bad. The fact that the Nationals were able to string together Strasburg and Bryce Harper in consecutive years may be the most improbable thing I've ever seen happen in the MLB. The MLB Draft is so meaningless that it took until this year for them to realize they probably don't actually need a thousand rounds. Albert Pujols, one of the greatest first basemen of all time, was a 13th round pick. How that kind of shit consistently happens in the MLB Draft is truly mind-blowing and leaves me to wonder why they even keep up this charade. And there will be no clearer proof of overthinking and missing the mark when Blaze Jordan isn't the top pick this year. 

Now, do I know any of the other players in this Draft? No, no I don't. Have I ever seen Blaze Jordan play a full baseball game? Not even a little bit. In fact I've never seen him take live pitching in a real game. Do I give a single, solitary fuck about any of that? Buddy,,,

Look at him casually stroke dingers at Wrigley Field.

Wooden bat, kid hasn't even turned 18 yet. Effortless. 

Here he was FOUR years ago moosing apples in Arlington.

TANKS. He was the #1 prospect in the class of 2021 until he reclassified and committed to Mississippi State this year. He entered the Draft, because the MLB Draft is a lawless land of make believe where rules and logic are hastily jettisoned out the window. And I, for one, am grateful. Because in the four mock drafts I've skimmed over this dude who, and I can't stress this enough, is LITERALLY named BLAZE. JORDAN. isn't the consensus number one overall pick. It doesn't make any sense. "He's a project. It might take him a few years to develop." As opposed to the other guys who are going to step right in and contribute immediately? Blaze Jordan is a name that sells jerseys. You force him to wear #23 and watch the money pile up as tank after tank flies into the night sky for the next 20 years. Can't wait to see how many dents he puts into the Green Monster over the course of his career. Unless, of course, he's drafted by the Yankees at which point he's bad and he stinks and everything written prior to this sentence was a prank.