WWE Blog: The Battleground PPV Sucked

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Well the Battleground PPV was last night. It was supposed to be a PPV to set up Summerslam, one of those inbetween PPVs that don’t really bring much to the table, but they ended up booking a really solid card with tons and tons of potential. And then they shit the bed. Hard and smelly.

See, there’s a difference between having bad results to set stuff up for the future, and just having bad results. We’ve seen this before. When they let Batista win the Royal Rumble, thinking everyone would embrace him and they could finally put Daniel Bryan to rest. It was an ugly decision, and Batista is now out of the company a short 6 months later. Last night they made very similar boneheaded, egotistical decisions that really make you scratch your head. Going from the Rumble to Mania with all the Daniel Bryan hype, the company was booming. Now, I feel we are back in 2008. Cena is the champion (zzzzzz), Jericho is beating the best young wrestler out there (WHY?????) and Kane is for whatever fucking reason still main eventing (he’s the absolute worst at everything). Same old shit after same old shit. It really looked like the WWE was moving forward, and now I couldn’t be more bored with them.

My thoughts on the shit fest that was last night:


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- Why in the FUCK are they burying the Wyatt Family? That was the most absurd booking decision. It is ridiculous that Rowan and Harper didn’t win the tag team belts over the awful Usos. The Usos are the John Cenas of tag teams. They yell stupid shit and sell bright colored Tshirts to kids. On the other hand Rowan and Harper are fucking awesome, but kids aren’t buying tshirts of balding guys with huge beards. The match was awesome, but the results were fucking terrible.

And then Y2J beat Bray Wyatt. Bray is..I don’t know…only the best thing in the company week in and week out right now. The best. And they let Jericho, who yes, is awesome as well, win. I understand the “long burn” thing, but their match wasn’t even good enough to warrant anyone wanting to see a Summerslam rematch. And then obviously Bray will win at Summerslam. Woo hoo. It just doesn’t have the luster when we all know it’s going to happen.


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- Poor Ziggler. Letting the Miz win the belt was painful. He’s not good. He’s not even hatable. He’s just…boring. And I love when heels when. So of course they let the least likable one win. The one nobody cares two shits about. Another example of same ol’ shit. Miz hasn’t been in the company for the last 9 months or so because he has a movie coming out, so of course they have to give him a belt. Meanwhile Ziggler is loved by everyone and works his ass off and the Miz went over him.

They are probably doing the Daniel Bryan thing with Ziggler now since it’s hard to keep holding him back. I think he’ll have some sort of big moment within the next 6 months, but probably won’t be main eventing. Also, he should drop the “Dolph”. Just make it Ziggler. It’s cleaner.


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- No Ambrose vs Rollins. I kinda am ok with it if they didn’t have it be so brutally corny to watch. I like them building up the match more (and it better be a fucking 10/10 match to make it worth it) but they could have done without the cheesy guy in trunk routine. Just be more creative one time for me.


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- Paige is really hot. Can Paige and AJ just 69 and get it over with? Little British minx and 80 pound AJ. They botched about every move they tried in the match, but at least they looked hot doing it.


All in all, one giant step back last night. This tweet summed it up the best: