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Oh, Hey Look! There Are More Allegations That Zion Received Benefits To Go To Duke Including 3 Cars And A $950,000 House

What's that? It's totally normal for someone to go from an $895/month rent to a $950,000 house. Of course it is. It has nothing to do with potential extra benefits to go to Duke. Who cares that his stepfather was on record being on phone with people about benefits to go to Kansas? Just a live look at people still trying to defend K/Duke for being 'clean' 

The funny thing is Zion was still almost underpaid. Think about how much he brought in to Duke - well outside of a Final Four. I've said it over and over again. I never care that Zion or any other person gets paid or benefits to play college ball. They should. This is about Duke's holier than thou bullshit and everyone finally realizing K is like everyone else. This isn't going to hurt Zion or anything like that. This will just let the world know that Duke is like everyone else. 

The Brotherhood though! Fuck Duke.