I Feel Bad For Anyone Who Wouldn't Want To Drink Beers With These Guys

I don't want to make a big deal out of something I shouldn't make a big deal out of but at the same time I have to make a big deal out of these guys getting a fresh taste at the start of Patio Season: an actual, designated season that will make its way into our history books. A time when bars got turned inside out and we were left to get hammered in the sun on the sidewalk, effectively blurring just about every alcohol-based line of liability that's been drawn in this country since we pioneered Tort Law. It's amazing how quickly we detach from regulation when local government revenues nosedive, but that's a different blog for a different day. For now let's get back to my guys here and focus on the importance of a great friendship. 

There's literally few other feelings in this world that beat knowing you got a friend to do shit like this with you. And I don't necessarily mean pounding cocktails in your rain gear because quarantine is slowing down. I'm talking higher level like just having the kind of buddies that say "Yes" to shit. Not saying all your friends have to carry the gene, but it certainly helps knowing who in your contact list is generally down for stuff. 

Could be filling in as a 4th the night before because someone can't make the tee time. Or helping a buddy fill a table at a charity event his boss suckered him into or pretending to be a fake reference on a resume because you guys are 25 and a solid referral is impossible to come by right now. Or maybe it's just helping move a heavy piece of furniture in exchange for access to Miller Lites at the back of a mini fridge. All valid examples of where a Yes buddy comes up huge and that's before I even get started on a summer with a properly functioning Wrigley Field and social norms. 

So while I know this may seem small and simple, I'm actually challenging you guys to think about your roster of friends as we slowly crawl into summertime. Do you have a Yellow Rain Jacket Friend? Would he happily get pissed on by mother nature just to have a few $9 John Daly (titos) on a patio with you? Would you even brave the elements for some coveted 1-on-1 time with him? Are there any horse socks

These kinds of questions demand personal answers so I won't push you any further. I'll just objectively say that life is way better if you can actively put yourself in these guys' shoes.