Early Favorite For Mixtape Of The Summer: The Dalai Lama is Dropping An 11-Track Album For His 85th Birthday

[Page Six] - The Dalai Lama says he’ll drop an album, “Inner World,” of teachings and mantras set to music. The 11-track release is out from Khandro Music and LA Reid’s HitCo Entertainment on July 6, which is the Dalai Lama’s 85th birthday.

Players include Anoushka Shankar, daughter of legend Ravi Shankar and half-sister of Norah Jones.

Oh hell yeah. Drop a mixtape called 'Inner World' that's guaranteed to win a VMA. Bringing in Norah Jones? That's how you know shit is going to be serious. Also imagine being one of the people who gets their name on this as a producer, whatever. That's gotta be the top billing right. We're talking about the Dalai Lama here

This is really just about how cocky this Dalai Lama is. He literally wants to drop the mic as the GOAT Dalai Lama. I need him to go 3rd person on the mixtape here. Actually, what I really need is him to do a Linkin Park/Jay Z crossover, just because of how hilarious this video is: 

I need him to go on tour when this is all done with and we can have fans everywhere. Go get gifts like you're Derek Jeter. Get a 10-part documentary like Jordan. Really I just need this to be like a burned CD. I've said it before, but there was nothing like a burned CD. There was something magical about landing on the perfect mix. I said it before, but this is was my go-to 12 songs, which is the real amount for an album: 

1. Notorious Thugs – B.I.G./Bone Thugz
2. The Middle – Jimmy Eat World
3. Big Pimpin – Jay-Z
4. Family Business – Kanye
5. Raise Up – Petey Pablo
6. Breathe – Fabolous
7. Mesmerize – Ja Rule/Ashanti
8. Konstantine – Something Corporate
9. Damnit – Blink 182
10. Get Your Roll On – Big Tymers
11. Hey Ma – Cam’ron
12. B.O.B – Outkast

I need a legit album cover for Inner World here. The music world has been put on notice. Actually, more importantly I need