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Chase Young Bench Presses Infinity Pounds


How much weight is that? Like 2,000 pounds? More? I'm pretty sure it's more. That's just Chase Young working out, lifting a world record amount of weight. If you look close enough, I'm pretty sure the bar is about to snap in half but Chase can still lift it. What an absolute savage of a human. Golly. He just turned 21 in April and he can already pick a truck up over his head. And we're worried about left tackles? He's going to send them all to suplex city. Carson Wentz's knee flared up just looking at that picture. Shit, mine did too and I don't have to face him twice a year. Word on the street is Daniel Jones just fumbled his Cheerios. Dak told the Cowboys he's not coming back.

Whatever the Vegas line is for Chase Young sacks this season, give me the over. He's a freak. There's a reason he disrupted 97% of plays at Ohio State last year, he's unblockable, even when triple teamed.



You gotta watch those tapes if you haven't. Chase Young is unreal. I cannot wait to see him on the NFL field.