Absolutely Love Seeing Former Pitt Star/Current Rutgers Assistant Brandin Knight Call Out Duke's AD For Spewing A Bunch Of Bullshit

Fuck. Yes. This is what I want to see. I blogged about it yesterday and how it was just one of the worst statements ever made on name, image and likeness:

Now we have a guy who was a star in the Big East and is now a major conference assistant coach saying the same thing. If Duke really wanted to call out recruiting, wouldn't he bring up that Duke has an advantage right now? Like Knight says, they have a built in programming with ESPN. Coach K is still on Team USA's board and using that to be able to talk recruits. 

There's also Jay Bilas: 

For those not familiar with name, image and likeness - this isn't a Title IX thing. This isn't the school paying the players. This is the free market dictating what someone is worth, just with the NCAA making sure they aren't worth too much with the guardrails they are putting in. This is letting a car dealership in Durham pay Zion to use his NIL on an ad. Again, no one should give a shit about this. It's the free market dictating what someone is worth. 

Shout out Brandin Knight. Love seeing other people call out Duke's bullshit. It's about time. Need more coaches like Brandin Knight and what are you going to do? Disagree with a guy like that? Good luck.