The Sopranos Finale Aired 13 Years Ago Today...What Do You Think Happened To Tony?

Okay, okay. Now THIS is a fun topic to blog about. What's better to blog about than then both my favorite show and the greatest show ever created? Nothing is the correct answer to that. 

I've already done my favorite moments from the show so I think the proper course of action for this beautiful 13th anniversary of the final episode would be a breakdown of the 3 possible ways Tony Soprano could've been killed.

#1 Paulie Walnuts

I know, it sounds crazy. People do tend to think that Paulie is the most loyal guy Tony has due to his outrageous personality and general likability, but that is FAR from the case. People forget how easily he can be swayed as we saw him very nearly leave Tony for Johnny Sack multiple times after his Ginny Sack joke was leaked to the masses. Not to mention 6 episodes away from the finale in "Remember When" (Remember when is the lowest form of conversation) Tony VERY MUCH contemplates killing Paulie as they're on a boat in the middle of the water in Miami. Can this have simply been Paulie covering his ass on that/attempting to become the boss after years and years on the back burner?

#2 New York

The obvious answer. The final seasons of the Sopranos blatantly see the DiMeo Crime Family feud nonstop with the guys from New York being mainly that hard-headed bastard Phil Leotardo. Shoutout Frank Vincent, though. Anyways the other heads of New York literally give Tony the OK to take Phil Leotardo out after their secret meeting!!! Would it make sense for them to then take Tony out after that? Sure, I guess it would and it's most definitely the consensus answer due to the fact that Jersey would have practically been done with Silvio in a coma/Tony Dead/etc. I'm simply not sure if I buy it though.

#3 Patsy Parisi

This is my LOCK. Now hear me out! Patsy has ALWAYS had it out for Tony due to him setting up the killing his twin brother Philly Parisi in the earlier seasons up to the point of him having a gun pointed at Tony before ultimately deciding not to kill him & taking a piss in his pool instead. And then we can factor in a few more things including his son being best buds/drug dealers with Carlo's son who had just gotten caught by the police & led to Carlo to testifying against Tony so then wouldn't Patsy automatically assume that Tony is going to come after him next thinking he'd soon testify for his Son? OF COURSE! Then there's something I've always dwelled on...I believe it's the final episode, but potentially the penultimate episode in which Tony, Carmela, and Meadow are having tea in their great room with Patsy, his wife, and their son who's marrying Meadow. At one point Tony offers to go get more coffee and for the slightest instant they show how angry Patsy is at Tony as he looks up at him in disgust. I think David Chase is an absolute mastermind and everything, especially in these final episodes, is pin-pointed to a tee so he had to show that for a reason. Patsy is 100% my pick for the man behind Tony Soprano's (potential) death.

To sum it up I'm just happy David Chase chose to not show Tony die. Of course people absolutely despise it & there's nothing funnier than hearing 60-year-old Italian guys complaining about how they thought their cable went out, but there was simply no better way for Chase to end it. If Tony goes to prison people would be mad...if Tony gets killed people would be mad...if Tony goes home with his family people would be mad. So I think it's perfect. And for that...I'm thankful. Sound off in the comments on who you think the ordered the (potential) Tony Soprano killing.