Giada de Laurentiis Saying "Burrata" Is Down Right Sexual

MARONE! MY QUEEN! Say it again for Mmmm. When Giada dropped "...perfectly fit for a party" and then looked right at the camera and smiled, it was like she was talking only to me. Had she been physically in the room with me I would've dropped down to a knee and proposed right then and there. It's like she knew. It's like she saw the video, listened to the podcast, and saw the tweets. This video coming from my queen, after I've internet lusted after her for years, dropping now can't be a coincidence. A boo-ra-TA salad here and now, in the summer, is Giada saying "Ryan, not only were you correct, but I also love you". 

This video will now be my shield against the haters. Nothing more powerful than the love of a good woman. 

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