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Drunk Half-Naked American Lady Shouting At Lithuanian Cops Does Not Seem To Be Having A Good Day

YouTube – It was taken from a Lithuanian version of TV series called ‘Cops’. This young lady from United States got very drunk and lost, then this followed.


I love this video not because of the girl and not necessarily anything she does — though declaring cops broke your hands when they barely touched you and that your problems may instigate World War III is pretty tremendous as far as drunk insanity goes — but because I imagine Lithuanian Barstool posts videos like this ALL THE TIME and we just have no clue. Lithuanian Pres just having a ball tearing down drunk American idiots who think they’re king shit because they’re Americans. The only solace I can take is that their office probably looks exactly the same as ours, black plague and all.


For the record I’ve never been to Lithuania but there’s a decent chance we shouldn’t make fun of this. From my understanding of scholarly readings, this girl may have been captured, drugged up, and sold into sex slavery but just hasn’t gotten rescued by her ex-CIA dad yet.[1] And if that’s the case, shame on you Lithuania. First you rub our faces in it in the scenario I conjured up above, now this? Getting real sick of your shit, Arvydas Sabonis.


[1] Taken [Motion picture]. (2009). 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment.