Bradley Beal To The Lakers?

I've said it before, but I LOVE these type of reports. Inject them right into my goddam veins. The Lakers are certainly not excluded from this type of "report" either. How many times have we heard "Team X is interested in Giannis and prepared to go after him" reports? Uhhhhh no shit. Everyone with any sort of cap space is going to be interested in Giannis. Hell, we just did this with Bradley Beal! 

Remember when the Nets had "internal discussions" about trading for Beal even though they too have mostly dogshit to offer? I love all these Beal stories because everyone seems to forget the Wizards absolutely do not have to trade him anytime soon. But this one from the Lakers is even better. They had interest in trading for Beal at "different parts" of the season. I'm sorry this season? With this roster?

and their total of ZERO first round picks? How exactly are they going to offer anything remotely interesting for the Wizards to even consider this. No, nobody wants fucking Kyle Kuzma. Then you have to factor in the money and Beal's like $29M salary. So was it really LeBron being like "hey go get me Beal" and then Rob Pelinka had to explain to him on several occasions that they have absolutely nothing available to pull that trade off? If the Wizards are going to move Beal, you most likely need young good players and draft picks. Salary wise, why would they take an old Danny Green, oldish Avery Bradley, Kuzma, some more pieces and zero draft picks. In case you forgot, the Lakers basically gave up all their future picks for AD. 

I get it, during this quarantine you throw out words like Bradley Beal and Lakers, and it's going to get traction because what the hell else are we going to talk about. This isn't a knock on the Lakers, they are hardly the only team we see leak this type of shit. That's the game. Any day now we'll get another Giannis to GS report, or how the Clippers were actually interested in Bradley Beal too. You know it's coming and just like I have with the Nets and Lakers I will explain why utterly ridiculous these "reports" are. 

Man do we need basketball back. 51 more days.