Would You Rather Have A Sandwich Or Beer Named After You?

A straight forward question after debating it with some friends and putting it on Twitter. Would you rather have a sandwich named after you or a beer? Obviously both would be awesome and a dream. If you don't want something like this named after you, I don't want to be friends with you. But let's break down the pros of each, because there are no cons.


- Seeing your name on a deli board is as top notch as it gets. I tried to find a video, but there isn't one on YouTube, of Doug from King of Queens talking about opening a sandwich shop and naming sandwiches after friends. Do you know how close of a friend you have to be to have a friend do that? Ultimate sign of respect. 

- Sandwiches get old. You can eat a sandwich for lunch every day and if you're creating it, it's obviously shit you like. 

- Sandwiches are more unique. You can create anything, it's hard to replicate sandwiches across delis. You can change the bread or deli meat or cheese or condiments. Give me that uniqueness. 


- Beer is also awesome and doesn't get old. You want to crack a beer on a patio on the first day of summer? Imagine sitting there and ordering your own. 

- The real debate is if you get to design the can or bottle for it too. That could be an ultimate game-changer because you're getting into design now too. 

- It feels more rare to truly have a beer named after you. Beer typically goes for the pun name vs the Reagan or whatever your last name is .Feel like if you get to have that it's a step up here. 

The pick

As I was blogging this I leaned sandwich - I'll explain in a second. But this confirmed it: 

In a beer vs food debate I want to be on Clem's side. If he leans sandwich, you should lean sandwich. I trust no single person in the world more than Clem on this debate. But for me it's the fact that sandwich has longevity. Everyone loves sandwiches. It's the salt of the earth of food. Kids, guys, girls, old people, young people, fat people, skinny people. Everyone loves a sandwich. Not everyone loves beer. You can get way more creative with a sandwich than a beer too.

But it's a question so I pose it to you - sandwich or beer?