Wake Up With An Old Peja Stojakovic Lighting It Up In Practice

Yesterday was Peja Stojakovic's 43rd birthday so the Kings Twitter brought this video back onto the timeline and you bet your ass I watched and enjoyed it. I've said time and time again there are few things more enjoyable than watching some all time great shooters get shots up. I love watching Steph do it, I love watching pretty much any NBA player take practice threes because they never miss. It's a nice casual reminder just how good you have to be to play in the league, and when you're talking about all time shooters like Curry and Peja, it's like riding a bike for them. Doesn't matter if it's in their playing days or if they're 42 years old like Peja in that video. Nothing but muscle memory, no warmups needed. It's mesmerizing to watch.

I feel like when we talk about some of the best shooters in NBA history, we don't give Peja enough love. This dude was nails in the early 2000s on those Kings teams. Such bullshit David Stern cheated big time and robbed them of their rightful title only to help the Lakers. That was some bullshit and everybody knows it. It would be another 8-10 years before Peja got his ring as a member of the 2011 Mavs, but he wasn't the same guy. He was 33 and was a role player that played under 20 minutes a night that postseason. But when he was young and in his prime? Peja was one of the type of shooters that every single time he went up you were convinced he was going to make it. Loved early 2000s Peja, dude was automatic