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We Need A 30 For 30 On The Jail Blazers Era: The Time A Player Got Caught Going Through A McDonald's Drive-Thru During A Game

2000-2003 was a magical time in the world. We were rocking away messages on AIM, arguing about MySpace's top-8, watching TRL and we had the Jail Blazers. It was truly a great time to be alive. There were the likes of Rasheed Wallace, J.R. Rider, Damon Stoudamire, Zach Randolph, Bonzi Wells, Ruben Patterson and Derek Anderson. Now I mention Derek Anderson because that's what this story is about. Sure we could talk about Zach Randolph and Ruben Patterson getting in a fight or how Sabonis left the team because of Rasheed Wallace. 

But this is trending on Reddit and here's the story from NBC 

(And don't forget, Anderson was the guy spotted at a McDonald's drive-thru window one night while his team was playing a game in the Rose Garden. He was supposed to be bothered by tooth pain that night -- and I'm sure there's a joke here somewhere. Feel free to keep it to yourself).

Granted getting some McDonald's is delicious. Sometimes you just want fast food. I don't blame him one bit here. Especially when this story is also out there: 

According to Anderson, team president Steve Patterson told him, "Go home, we'll come up with something." The toothache was a fabrication by the organization, Anderson said, intended to make him look bad

Even if that's the case, you can't be hitting up McDonald's during the game. You gotta have an errand guy in your crew. Cris Carter always talks about a fall guy, you gotta have the errand guy. The one that can go do this shit so you don't get caught going through a drive-thru during a game. 

This just further proves how much we need a detailed documentary on this team. They were fucking good too! Remember, they were a David Stern rigging away from the NBA Finals: 

And I know there is a documentary about them. I'm talking we need the full multiple episodes, everyone on Twitter talking about them. They are for sure one of the teams that would be on the shortlist of teams I wish were around during Twitter. Imagine the jokes we'd get off about these stories. 

What is it about NBA players and fast food? Stars, they are just like us: