Gator Bait: Florida Hands Tennessee Second Loss Today With Game-Winning Field Goal

When Gus Duggerton made his decision to return to Knoxville for another season with Tennessee, he envisioned another opportunity to play in the BCS National Championship Game.

With Tuesday night's loss to Florida, the chance of that being reality is all but gone. The No. 18 Florida Gators came into Neyland Stadium hungry to get revenge off last year's heartbreaking loss in The Swamp. And they got it.

A 43-yard field goal by Florida's kicker sailed through the uprights as time expired to officially hand Coach Gus Duggerton's Tennessee Volunteers a loss to open up SEC play, in addition to evening out the team's record to 2-2 in 2018.

"FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!," a disappointed Coach Duggs screamed in anger as he saw his team lose the game right in front of his eyes. The reigning conference champion Head Coach held his hands on his head for a long period at time, staring at the screen that read, "Florida 41, Tennessee 38, Final." 

But the way the game got to this point, specifically in the fourth quarter, was nothing short of BANANAS.

After being up by as many as 12 points, new Tennessee WR Grump Kirkpatrick caught a huge touchdown pass to make it a oen possession game once again.

The Duggs D then made a humongous stop, scored a touchdown, and now, it was time to go for two to try and knot this baby back up...

That brought us to a score of 31-31 with less than two minutes to go, and as the Gators were driving, Coach Duggs made the executive decision in the moment to allow Florida to score so that they could not run out the clock entirely.

On the ensuing kickoff return, it seemed like we were witnessing a house call to tie things back up! But Coach Duggs tried to show off his football IQ once again. He stepped out of bounds on purpose.

And just a couple plays later, it was a brand new ballgame once again.

Unfortunately for Coach Duggs, he *still* left way too much time on the clock for their rivals out of Gainesville. 28 seconds AND all three timeouts were just enough to set up the Gators for that game-winning kick, leaving America's Coach in a state of shock.

So, what's next for Coach Duggs and the Volunteers (2-2, 0-1)? To be quite honest, who the heck knows! The initial plan was to play Michigan at 2:07 PM, but now, this is as close as he has gotten to "chasing" in a couple of months, so his mind is in a bunch of places. 

Now that would be electric ^^^. FEED ME THE QUINTPLEHEADER!!!

(Seriously though, we'll probably get an update from Big Cat in the morning on what his schedule is looking like. Also, sorry to the folks who I let down tonight with the slow tweets. Internet totally crashed in the fourth quarter at the worst time possible.)