In Honor Of The MLB Draft Tonight, Wake Up With The Angels Drafting Mike Trout 25th Overall

25th!!! The greatest player of our generation was picked 25th overall in 2009. Still crazy how a guy as talented as Trout can fall out of the top 5,10, 15, even 20 picks. He was just a pimple faced little high schooler and now he's the best talent a lot of us have ever seen. I always like to look back at other drafts and look at the stars drafted and who went before them. It was a good draft with Stras going 1, but other than that, it's a shit show. Just look at some of these names of the guys drafted ahead of Mike Trout.

Dustin Ackley was a stud at UNC and never turned into anything in the bigs, Donovan Tate, Tony Sanchez, Matt Hobgood, Jacob Turner, Tyler Matzek, Grant Green, Alex White, Bobby Borchering, Chad James, Chad Jenkins, and the list goes on. I mean I wake up every day upset that the Orioles drafted Matt fucking Hobgood over Trout. These names taken before him are laugh out loud funny. Hope everyone tunes into the draft tonight to watch some future stars get taken, and since there isn't anything else on. Happy drafting, teams.