"Historically I'm One Of The Best Quarterbacks To Play The Game" - Jameis Winston (30 Interceptions Last Season)

What NFL history is he talking about? Because the one I'm looking at (the one happening on Earth), he led the NFL with 30 interceptions last season. 30!!!!!! That's 9 more than the 2nd leader. And it's 14 more than the league leader threw in 2018. I mean, I hate to keep harping on his horrific stats here, but in 2018, the league leader threw 16. Jameis threw 14. IN FIVE LESS GAMES. You're telling me that in another 150 throws, the ball doesn't find the other colored jersey at least another 5 times? If we're talking "historically" like Jameis wants to say, Jameis Winston is having historically one of the worst two season stretches of all time. AND on top of that…..

So if the other teams defensive backs could catch the ball, Jameis could have damn near 70 picks in the last two seasons? And it's not like he's just dealing with a rough spell after a long, illustrious career. He's been a QB for 5 years and never once made the playoffs. I didn't wake up today thinking I was going to attack Jameis Winston, but I also didn't think you could just blatantly lie on the internet and to the media. For him to say that he's one of the best quarterbacks of all time is so preposterous that his punishment should be that he isn't allowed to speak for two months. What else would fit here? I mean, should I be allowed to go tell the world that I'm the #1 personality at Barstool? The place couldn't move on without me, guys! Or that the Browns are the winningest NFL team of the last decade?

When he says "one of the best quarterbacks to play the game", how many are we talking here? Can't be more than 10, right? That wouldn't fit the word best. But Jameis Winston isn't even a Top 10 quarterback in the league today. I mean, he really isn't even a Top 32 quarterback, seeing as how he isn't even a starter in the league. And I wish I could sit here and find some sort of positive for this guy like "confidence is a great trait to have for a QB", but that doesn't even work here. This dude is too confident as a QB…..that's why he continuously throws it into double and triple coverage over and over and over again. 30 picks and a fumble lost last year. He's literally giving the ball to the other team twice per game. One of the best quarterbacks in the history of the game????? Next to who, Deshone Kizer?