Skip Bayless Had Another Terrible Take, This Time About Kevin Durant

I can understand why people get on Durant for getting triggered online at times. Happens to the best of us and at the end of the day Durant is human. At the same time I can understand why he has beef with media and hot take artists because of shit like this from Skip Bayless. I get it, I get that this is just Skip's formula and is what he does. The game is the game. But what are we talking about here? Normally I thought Skip's incoherent nonsense was just for LeBron. Nobody gets a hard on quicker than Skip when it comes to slandering LeBron. 

We're talking about an achilles injury here. Something that history has shown us isn't exactly the most forgiving injury for basketball players to come back from, especially once they get into their 30s. Isn't the list like only Dominique Wilkins in terms of "wings" that had this injury late and then came back somewhat normal? Especially when we are talking about the caliber of player that Durant is. So right off the bat you're dealing with an injury that Durant is going to be overly cautious about and rightfully so. When you then factor in that he even ruptured his achilles in the first place due to coming back too early, how could anyone have a problem with Durant and the Nets going this route? It was a punt year for them once Kyrie went down. To potentially jeopardize that for this weird return in Orlando makes no sense on any level

But of course Skip isn't in the "making sense" business and you can tell that based on his reasoning. Because Durant said he was going to miss the season and in a non pandemic world the season would be over in April, then he should play? What? He lost me at "great players just play" too. Did Jordan tear his achilles that we didn't know about? I must have missed that Larry Bird season where he ruptured his achilles in his 30s. To somehow suggest that this makes you question Durant's greatness or that he doesn't love the game because he isn't coming back for the remainder of this season makes no goddamn sense to me. 

We learned near the end of that clip what his real motivation for this stance is, and of course it comes back to LeBron. He's upset that another elite player won't be around to potentially take down LeBron. I have to say it's rather impressive how much real estate LeBron owns in this man's head and I say that as a Celtics fan. Everything always has to come back to LeBron with Skip, even if it's making up some bullshit about how it's a disappointment that Kevin Durant is making a no brainer decision. 

Now if he comes back and still re-injures himself that obviously changes everything about this BKN era. But if he comes back and is this version of Durant

Then it will seem like sitting out during a playoff run where the Nets most likely weren't going to compete for a title was the right choice. I just know that if Skip Bayless is against the idea and wants to drag you for it, you're probably making the right decision.