He’s Back: PFT Commenter Comes Out of Retirement, Set to Face Hank in Table Tennis This Afternoon

After approximately one month off, table tennis sensation PFT Commenter is back on the turf this afternoon vs. rival Hank inside Stool Streams Stadium.

This news comes after Commenter, 35, made the decision to resume his ping pong career last night while assembling a desk alongside notable Big J, Leroy the Insider.

The podcaster's retirement on May 14th was a surprise to some, but when you looked at the numbers, you couldn't really blame him at the time. His opponent, Hank, won the best-of-seven series all but one time during this quarantine period. But now, Commenter is ready for a fresh start.

"Retirement was not a decision I took lightly. There was a moment of self-realization last week, when I was beating Hank for the fifth time in a row when the cameras were off. Stevie Ray Vaughan once said, 'I've got something special to say with my (ping pong). But I have to keep these things in perspective, because they're gifts. It's all a gift, and I have to give it back all the time or it goes away.' It’s a gift that needed to be shared with the world. Less about me, more about the people. "

As you may have noticed above, PFT says he has been taking care of business vs. Hank during friendly matches while the former was still in retirement. What does the reigning champ have to say about that?

"We’ve been playing some really good games, but he’s gonna be that much more nervous [when playing on camera]," Lockwood said. "But it’s true, he has been beating me."

The 26-year-old is just three days removed from a vacation to Cape Cod. With a quick turnaround on the table this afternoon, Lockwood admitted that he may not be in the best shape ahead of today's match.

"My body is not in a good place," the Pardon My Take producer said. "I've had two Sausage McGriddles each morning, four days in a row. I'm in terrible shape, with a big time beer gut."


Could this be the opening that Mr. Commenter needs to begin his second stint on the right foot? In addition to guaranteeing at least one game today against Hank, he shared his expectations of what he wants to do after a potential match win.

"I can’t wait to do what I do best: Put Hank six feet below the dirt and put a stick in him that says, 'PFT buried me here.'"

Today's match begins IMMEDIATELY after Coach Duggs takes on Virginia Tech, so first serve is set for approximately 5 PM ET. We'll see you on the table.