The Next Jack Bauer: Lions Running Back Bo Scarbrough Is Taking Classes So He Can Be The Most Intimidating FBI Agent Ever

Sure Jack Bauer worked with CTU, but I just assume that's exactly like the FBI. Plus, everyone knows Jack Bauer. What am I supposed to say? Move over Priyanka Chopra's character from Quantico? Either way, Bo Scarbrough would be the most intimidating FBI agent of all time. I assume this is how he'd play the bad cop role to get some perp to admit a crime: 

Just sprinting past everyone and sticking his hand directly in your face. I'd admit anything even if I was innocent as shit. Just imagine him in the field, which apparently is his passion:

“I like hands-on and like to be out in the field,” Scarbrough said. “I like to help people and I’m caring. I just figured that it would be the right thing for me. That it would be comfortable for me.”

Good on Scarbrough though. This is exactly how you should use a scholarship if you're in this sort of spot. He left with a year of eligibility left, but you can still go back to school and take advantage of that scholarship. He's setting himself up in case the NFL doesn't work out. Scarbrough spent last season with the Lions, where he was actually pretty good. But he was a 7th round pick who spent a year on the Jags practice squad, not a full year with the Seahawks and then last season with the Lions. 

Get Derrick Henry next in line. Need him and Scarbrough as a duo out there

But imagining him as Jack Bauer is way more fun