Could You Imagine Going Through The Hassle Of Escaping Jail Just to Go Back? Two Inmates Escape Prison, Leave Note Saying They'll Be Back.

Escaping prison is one of those things where I look and say:

"Oh, I could do that. EASY."

Not sure what it is but my brain instantly turns into fantasyland when it comes to escaping jails. As if modern jails are some sort of Chinese finger trap that I can just outsmart. There's just a pretty absurd part of my brain that thinks if I ever (hopefully not) go to prison, I'd be fine because I can just pull some Houdini type shit and get out of there at a moment's notice.


This is not the case. The harsh reality is that I'd probably end up in a similar situation to Fat Ass (the wiki for Shawshank literally has him listed as 'Fat Ass', rather rude if you ask me) of Shawshank Redemption fame. Like Mr. Ass, I too would cry like a small child until the guards came and shut me up for being baby. That's neither here nor there, however. 


Rome (AFP) - Two inmates who escaped from a prison in Rome last week left guards a courtesy note, saying they had business to take care of but would be back shortly, a newspaper reported Tuesday.

The two cousins, Davad Zukanovic, 40, and Lil Ahmetovic, 46, broke out of Rebibbia prison overnight on June 2 by scaling a wall using a water hose left in a courtyard.

But before they escaped, they left a note in their cell explaining they had personal reasons for needing to flee, said the Repubblica daily.

Realistically, it's these types of stories that taint my brain with false thoughts.

Is it really this easy to escape jail? All these guys had to do was stumble across a fucking water hose? This is typically not the type of stuff you'd hear about in the real world. If you were to tell me that this was the plotline of an Orange Is The New Black episode and I would wholeheartedly believe you. Scaling a water hose in order to deal with "business" on the outside, whilst leaving a note declaring that you'll come back is the perfect recipe for some bullshit storyline on that type of show.

The biggest mystery of this whole story is the return to jail. Why do these guys feel the need to go back? They've already gone through the hassle of planning an escape. Not only that but they actually succeeded in escaping so they only gave themselves up. I guess it could be an attempt to make sure there isn't some sort of manhunt for them but it's doubtful that prison guards would read the note and say:

"alright guess we don't need to look anymore, they'll be back"

No fucking chance bro. That's actually a move you pull when you have absolutely zero intentions of returning whatsoever.

They were driven by "the need to protect their children from a nasty business they had got themselves into," the daily said, paraphrasing the contents of the letter.

The inmates specified that only they could make things right, as their wives were also both in jail.

Ah. I see.

Of course, there's absolutely no one in this family who isn't in jail other than the children who are in apparent trouble. Of course. It would be far too convenient if they had people on the outside who could take care of this. So the only possible thing to do is escape prison. 

"If you're really forcing my hand then fine. I'll escape the prison and regain my freedom" -these guys (probably)

I don't know. There's just something about this whole thing that seems far too coincidental. That and leaving a note is just very suspect. Apparently they said they'd return in 15 days but I'll believe it when I see it.