Have An Extra $4500 And Want To Smoke Weed, Drink Unlimited Booze, And Have Orgies? Well "Sex Island Coronavirus" In Nevada Sounds Like It May Actually Take Place From June 19th-21st!

Daily Star- An erotic Las Vegas resort promising weed, unlimited alcohol, and sex with two girls per day is advertising a post-coronavirus sex orgy following a month of closures for the US party capital. Sex Island, the erotic orgy event, could be reopening it’s doors to punters after authorities in Las Vegas shut activities down over coronavirus fears.

The party, billed as "Sex Island Coronavirus," is advertised on the Good Girls Company website to take place on June 19th - 21st June 2020. Attendees will have to fork out $4,500 or £3,450, to bag themselves a spot, and will be picked up at the airport and taken to a private location.

For 3 nights and 4 days, participants will have the opportunity to have unlimited sex with 2 girls, and can swap girls with other sex seekers. The luxury price tag also includes "sexual activities," including strip Blackjack, Las Vegas and Casino tours and swing volleyball. Good Girls Company also said its girls are all STD free, and offer on-site and immediate HIV and STD testing if need be.

I have no choice but to tip my cap to the fearless entrepreneurs running Sex Island for steering into the skid of a global pandemic. "Oh coronavirus wants to cause worldwide panic and cause entire countries to shut down? Well we are going to open our hype video with that fuckers ugly mug and name this year's island full of people swapping all sorts of bodily fluids after his punk ass". True Alpha shit. The people jamming Vegas casinos without masks or social distancing seem like big bitches compared to the Good Girls Company. Well all those people except this safety freak.

I suppose you can make a case that anybody going to a sex island full of drinking, smoking, straight west coasting without masks on their face or dick cares about their health about as much as your typical Barstool blogger. But maybe some people just want to spend some of the money they saved during quarantine to go horseback riding in beautiful sunny Nevada, play some high stakes strip blackjack without bumping nasties with a different batch of beautiful women every night (from a safe distance of course), and catching up on some Z's while more roommates are in another room living out their wildest sexual fantasies. That sounds like a lovely time to me! In fact, once I publish this blog, I am going to ask Wifey if I can spend the money we saved on daycare to check out what this Sex Island Coronavirus party is all about.

UPDATE: She said no to the island but is now thinking about a divorce, which I guess may open me up for Sex Island Coronavirus II next year since it's clear this shit ain't going away anytime soon.