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CEO Erika Nardini Definitely Didn't Make Me Write This Blog

Wow, have you heard? Token CEO, the number one business podcast in the world (officially: sometimes. unofficially: always) has released merch and I definitely decided that I should blog about that today. Zero nudge from anyone whose name rhymes with Schmerica Pardini. Let's run through what we're working with here.

1. The "Net Net" Tee


Ever find yourself rambling through a bullshit sentence you're not quite sure how to finish, but don't want to give that away? Trying to wrap something up quickly? A quick point to this shirt and your problem is solved. Am I implying this is what Erika uses this term all the time to do? Of course not. Never. 

2. The "Fuck Your Business Degree" Tee


What better way to show your vehement hatred toward a master's level education than sporting this hot new design. You'll be shocked at the amount of jobs you are immediately under-qualified for or salary you are sacrificing when you rock this look.

3. The "Ambitiously Lazy" Tee


This oxymoronic catchphrase may apply to you if you:

- Like to pat yourself on the back for minimal amounts of work

- Love to talk about how busy you are even when you have a very manageable workload

- Excel in tasks requiring very little effort.

Does that sound like you? Boom, found a shirt for ya. 

4. The "Industry Standard" Tee

Are you super pissed that the company you work for offered you a measly $500k a year to record your once-a-week podcast? Ugh, how disgusting. Voice your displeasure publicly and show that you are entitled to the industry standard with this design.

5. The "Successfully Insecure" Tee


Inspired by real estate legend Barbara Corcoran, wearing this design is an excellent way to let everyone know you are super successful, but still insecure about it. Again, emphasis on the super successful part, but again, so successful it is actually a burden. 

6. The "Fuck My Business Degree" Tee


Hate your student loans? Hate your job you got from business school that straddled you with student loans? Hate yourself? This is the design for you. Not only does it show your questionable decision making, but also an inability to cope with that decision. 

7. The "Suits Suck" Tee


Do you hate "the man?" Do you not fit into any of your formal clothing after months of binge eating in quarantine? Entourage or Billy Walsh fan? If any of those three points apply to you and you want to take a shot at the establishment, this is the design for you. I struggled to even be passive aggressive with this because I am a big Billy Walsh guy and this shirt rules.

8. The "Token List" Tee


Honestly seeing this just made me sick to my stomach. Corporate buzzwords that are just absolutely beaten into your head in any business-centric job. 

Link to the shirts:

Today's Token episode on networking can be found here: