Wake Up With Carlos Delgado Hitting A Monstrous Grand Slam In Yankee Stadium

Idk if this is a hot take or not but Carlos Delgado should probably be in Cooperstown. This man was an absolute wrecking ball for a LONG time. From 1996 to 2008 Delgado hit 457 bombs, good for 35 a year. Not to mention he's a career .280 hitter, so he wasn't just a bomb or K guy, he was a damn good hitter. Insane that he only made 2 All Star teams, the highest he finished in MVP voting was second in 2003 when he posted 42 bombs, 38 doubles, 145 driven in, and hit .302. He never played on any great teams with Toronto, but played on some really good Mets teams in his short time with them. He ended up retiring due to injuries with 473 homers and a career WAR of 44.4. Had some insane power too, you never really saw home runs hit where he put that one above. That baby was smoked. Maybe it was me watching Delgado murder the Birds for years and years, but I thought he was one of the best players in baseball for sometime, stats kinda back that up too. Now sit back and enjoy Delgado hitting this dong.