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Lubed Up Workout Montage Toss-Up: Is this Ivan Drago Or Anthony Rizzo?

I know it's Sammy Sosa week here at Barstool Chicago but I'd be remiss not to briefly appreciate the glaze Rizzo's bringing to South Florida municipal soccer fields. Guy absolutely fucking wants it so bad it's impossible not to respect the guy. In literally every other walk of life he's at least 130 pounds overweight and sitting on a couch somewhere eating pastrami but not here. Not now. Not this version Anthony Rizzo as initially pointed out by El Pres in a pizza review that left the audience begging for more #44

I can't blame anyone. Although getting back to the topic at hand, the answer to the initial question is obviously Anthony Rizzo. Although if you clicked on this blog because you're a Rocky IV enthusiast, here's the montage you crave:

Elsewhere it's a good time to remind everyone that Rizzo came on Red Line Radio the other week to talk about stuff like how far he is into the Sopranos and whether he could beat WSD in a speed pitch. If you like putting the Barstool Sports in Barstool Sports then maybe this is the interview for you.