Data From the Last 200 Years Predicted 2020 Unrest in 2014

Say Word Laughing GIF by Desus & Mero Giphy Images.

Numbers never lie and Big Brother always knows. I'm shocked the government overlords allowed this information to get out, because now we're onto whatever pattern exists here. I do not believe in coincidences.

The link to the further explanation of this data has been lost to the ether at some point in the last six years, but the graph is pretty self-explanatory. I guess we have a propensity to time our major societal upheavals twice per century on the -20 and -70. I wish we could have traded the "missing spike" from 1820 to today. We could have given y'all telephones or something in exchange.

I just hope I'm not around in 2070, because I have no interest in seeing another year even worse than this one. Y'all stay frosty.