Maybe you didn't believe me when I announced Sammy Sosa week on Monday. Maybe you did. Either way it's Tuesday night and I have no intent of slowing down as we head into an amazing celebration of an amazing Chicago sports legend. It's my sincere wish a majority of you wake up on Monday morning having taken the red pill when it comes to his legacy on the north side. 

tenor (8).gif

Not to hammer anyone who loves blue pills but if you refuse to letSammy back into your heart, it's because you're a goddamn soulless asshole pardon my french. There's absolutely zero reason for this guy to be on the outside looking in yet here we are. On the inside watching Sammy from the outside look back on the inside at us. And boy let me tell you something it's really fucking weird and he doesn't deserve it.

For more on why it's complete and total bullshit that Sammy is on the outside of the Chicago Cubs indefinitely: